When air conditioning is being used, it is important to keep all windows closed for maximum effectiveness.  Although this provides a constant, comfortable environment, it can result in a lack of fresh air.  This creates the need for ventilation.

AC Ventilation can provide ventilation systems that work to contribute to your heating and air conditioning systems.  By recovering waste energy and feeding that back into your building, in addition to refreshing stale air, you get better air quality in your property along with a reduction in energy costs.

At AC Ventilation we assess the design needs and install ventilation systems based on the requirements of each client, whilst adhering to the latest regulations and considering any constraints of the building.
Many solutions use the latest fan, component and controls technology to provide heat recovery ventilation solutions.  This technology recovers heat from stale extracted air during the winter and recovers cooling energy during the warmer months.

Whether installed as stand-alone ventilation systems or integrated with air conditioning, the correct design and selection of equipment can result in more than 85% of waste energy being recovered, resulting in significant reductions in both plant size and running costs

AC Ventilation understands that high air quality is important for many industrial and commercial applications, where the perfect temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort are important including:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical environments
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Banks